Claims and Returns
A Customer will be taken to have accepted Goods
received by it as being in accordance with its order unless
it notifies the Company in writing of its claim within 7
days from the date of receipt of the Goods.
No return of Goods that are allegedly defective or
faulty will be accepted by the Company unless either:
i) the Customer is a Consumer in relation to those Goods
and is entitled to return them because a Consumer
Guarantee applies; or
ii) the Company has given prior written authorisation for
the return of the Goods.
If the Company consents under paragraph (b)(ii) for
the return of any Goods, the Customer must:
i) provide to the Company a written statement setting out
the reasons for return of the Goods;
ii) give the Company details of the original invoice
number and the date of delivery of the Goods;
iii) provide to the Company a copy of the receipt or
delivery docket relating to the Goods;
iv) return the Goods in their original condition as at the
time of their sale;
v) return the Goods themselves, or pay for any transport
and other costs associated with returning the goods;
vi) pay to the Company an administrative handling
charge of $25.00 for the Company’s processing costs
associated with the return of the Goods.