Temp Fence Calculator

Having trouble working out how much Temporary Fencing you need? We're here to help.

When buying a Temporary Fencing Panel, the 'general rule' is to also purchase 1 Concrete Filled Foot and 1 Temporary Fencing Clamp to join to the next panel. 


Use this simple calculator to work out how many panels, feet and clamps you require.


Calculation - When buying 2.4m Panels:

(Metres required) divided by 2.4m = Number of Panels Required 


Example: "My house frontage is 14m wide"


14 divided by 2.4 = 5.83

(Round this number up to the nearest whole number)

Answer: You will require 6 panels, feet and clamps

6 panels will get you an actual coverage of 14.4m


Q: Do I need an extra foot to close off the end of my fencing run? 

A: If your fencing is not connecting in a loop, then yes it would be reccomended to get 1 extra foot for the last panel which will close off the fencing run. For the above example, this means you will purchase 7 feet in total for the 6 panels.

If your fencing is connecting as a loop, you will not need an extra foot. Your last panel will simply connect back to your starting panel and will be placed in the starting foot. For the above example, this means 6 feet will be enough. 


Still need help working out how many panels you need? Simply call our friendly staff of 1300 888 777 and we will assist you over the phone.