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Installing on Earth: 

When installing your Temporary Pool Fencing onto the earth, use 1 x 1500mm Star Picket or 1650mm Star Picket per panel join. Driving the star picket into the ground through the hoops of the pool panel linkage will ensure your Pool Fencing is safe and secure.

Installing on Pavement or Concrete:

To ensure your pool fencing is secure and stable on top of pavement, use 1 x Metal Pool Foot + 1 x 1350mm Star Picket per panel join. Place the end of the panel onto the foot fixing, and then connect to the next panel by adding a star picket through the hoops of the pool panel linkage. The spike end of the star picket simply rests sitting on the top plate of the metal foot and provides the appropriate connection between the panels. The benefit of using metal feet is that no penetration to the earth is required.

For further added strength to the metal foot system, you can dyna bolt through the 13mm hole at each end of the metal foot onto concrete.